Dear Anyone-Whos-Paying-Attention, sorry I haven't been posting. I've been "busy" job hunting and hanging out with my boyfriend in the city. This is pretty late of me but I have to talk about Riccardo Tisci's latest collection for Givenchy. I don't know what the fuck is going on with Fall 2011. I feel like so many of the collections' bold statement has looked like a filler look from 2004. Very disappointed with a lot of the collections I was looking forward to. I'm just not seeing much I haven't seen before. It seems like there's all these trends in design that have been done in a much more evolved manner. Anyway, about Givenchy...I was not into the menswear, like, at all. Taking that "Goththug" thang to a whole new level. The dog is a obnoxious to me. It looks a lil contrived to me and sort of reminds me of that BIG DOG shit I used to hate growing up. Then I read it was inspired by Kanye West's album art or something. FUCK THAT. I was anxiously awaiting the womenswear collection and I peed a little when I saw my "SPIRIT ANIMAL" & dream pet, a black panther printed on the first look. There's a lot of this collection that's very in sync with my personal style. Leather, Mesh,& PVC, "Duh Debra" but it's more about the "twisted classic" aspect. I'm obsessed with the crewnecks, especially the sheer ones. Literally what I would "send down a runway" is what I said. Especially if that one with the wavy over it skirt is actually a dress. OOH LALA! Also, the lettermans in leather and pvc were so what I'm into. What can I say, 2011 a GOOD YEAR FOR CATS.


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