I've been wanting a nice black lipstick for some time now and was waiting until the end of the month for Mac's Black Style Collection to come out until I went into Shu Uemura today. I'm familiar with some of their hair products and I just sat in for a presentation by one of their educators recently but I had no idea how killer their range of color is. I was browsing the very-true-to-tone shadows when I saw what I though was essentially sticks of face paint hahaha but turned out to be lipsticks! Vibrant, shimmering, technicolor lipsticks! Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple! I love it! After testing the black, I was smitten. The Shu Uemura lipsticks have a very unique sparkly sheen to them, when applied. The vision that I had for my perfect black lipstick was a somewhat glittery one so I thought, "Perfect!" $23.00 isn't bad either...

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