While staring blankly at a wall light bulbs today, waiting for an idea to come to mind, I noticed these guys right next to the black lights. I bought a two pack and things will never be same for me, again. Ladies and gentlemen, my room looks like a sunset. I love it! Ever since I was little, I've wanted to live day-by-day under coloured lighting. Unfortunately, unless you don't mind missing out on the joys seeing anything clearly, or just have no life at all, it can be pretty unrealistic. However, these guys are pink but still subtle enough to use daily. To me they give off a similar "comfortable home" vibe that incandescent lights do, only not so yellow. I dig em, but this is only the beginning so we'll see how long this lasts...

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catherine said...

wow i didnt even know u could buy light pink light bulbs, ima check into that one