There was a time, in the beginning of highschool, when I wouldn't wear anything but fucked up denim. Those feelings are starting to come back in the mildest way possible. Today I gave into them...on a pair of stupid Cheap Mondays that I bought like 4 of at Bloomingdale's about 2 years ago and am stuck with. but whatever they're always good for projects....even if the zipper doesn't stay shut.

There you have it! My Margiela-inspired creation.I put an old crystal ash tray my great aunt Babsie gave me in the pant leg, folded it over, and cheese-graded the shit out of the portion folded over until a pannel was made. Then that got tired so I just cut some strips and washed them to fray everything. Simple. OH and lookie what I found. A pair I did in 9th grade. Wish I could remember the exact technique I used on those guys.

I'll take & post a picture in them later. Right now I am ready for bed.

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jules said...

the white pair looks great. i'd like to find a pair to wear with big crisp dress shirts